The FLÜFS is the World’s Most Comfortable Jacket.

Created in 2019 to keep you warm, stylish and comfortable when walking outside.

Made in France

Faux furs woven in Europe & recycled textiles

The FLÜFS is our answer to rethinking the way we design and make clothes. By having one design, we focus our energy on making this one product the best it can be : well crafted & friendly to the planet. We ensure craftsmanship, the reuse of textiles and the low environmental impact of our production chain.

The FLÜFS is a reversible jacket that you can wear inside out. Made out of European faux furs & recycled textiles, each FLÜFS is made by hand in Paris, France. The FLÜFS falls somewhere between a 1920’s mink fur coat, a varsity jacket and an oversized hoodie. The FLÜFS comes in three styles – cropped, standard, long.

Every FLÜFS follows the same design, yet every FLÜFS is unique. You can make your own FLÜFS on our website by picking your favourite fabrics that we carefully source from second hand shops and donations. Make it loud or understated, fun or boring, blue or orange. You choose we make, no dead stock.

Each season, we design a capsule collection in collaboration with an artist of our choice. The collection is available to purchase on our website and at our Fashion Week showroom. 2020 FLÜFS capsule collection was made in collaboration with artist & jeweller @amyrodriguezjewellery. 2021 FLÜFS capsule collection was made in collaboration with pastry chef @mariechristmas_recettes.

Contact : the.flufs@gmail.com